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In the beginning...

My fun-loving dog Tucker

Animals have been in my life since my early childhood. Camping, hiking, out for a morning jog, or delivering newspapers on my paper route – more often than not my dog was there with me. My brother Dave felt so much love for animals that he regularly told me he was going to become a veterinarian when he grew up. Spoiler alert: It didn’t happen. But at least his heart was in the right place.

When our family dog Gizmo died I couldn’t imagine how I could ever love another animal as much as I had loved her. Then Sandy joined our family and although I still missed Gizmo very much, Sandy loved me just like Gizmo had and her love allowed me to heal from that loss and learn to love again. The way that Animals are able to help us deal with loss and bring us through our emotional challenges is so amazing! After that experience, I committed to do something special to help animals and repay the love that they have always given me.

Then when I was 14, my youngest brother Matt was born. At first Sandy wasn’t sure how she felt about him, but once he got old enough to understand that he shouldn’t pull her tail or ears, then they got along just fine.

Dave went on to become a successful entrepreneur, I built a career in computer science, and Matt got a job working in customer service at Amazon. Matt and I talked about his work at Amazon every now and then and at some point I realized that Amazon might be the way to begin building something that would allow me to fulfill my childhood dream of helping animals.

Dave and I have passed our love of animals on to our children and they have been excited to see their uncles and dad working together to build Otterly Pets.

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