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Otterly Pets Donations - We're Just Getting Started!

Help Us Decide Where to Donate
Over the years we’ve received requests from rescues in need and other worthy causes. We’ve been happy to donate and help, and now we want to do more. We’re getting organized and we need your help to build our list of rescues and causes that we’ll be supporting. edit it from here

Buy What You Need => Give What A Rescue Needs

When you purchase from Otterly Pets, we donate a product to an animal rescue or to a good animal cause. Because of this, you can now donate to a rescue or other worthy animal cause simply by shopping for your own pets.

Each month we add up our total products sold and then we decide how many rescues or other worthy causes we can donate to for the month based on that number.

Why We Do What We Do

There are countless stories of amazing animals who do amazing things, but the most amazing thing is how the love of an animal can transform our lives.

Recognizing the special bond that can exist between animals and humans, we especially love to support rescues and causes that have a focus on bringing people and animals together. Our vision is to create healing and love by bringing animals and humans together to bless one another’s lives. We each have so much to give to our animal friends and we also receive so much by giving! When we give healing love and service to one another, each of our lives – animals and humans alike – are sweetened and enriched.

You Can Suggest A Rescue or Cause to Add to Our List!

If you know of a rescue or worthy animal cause, you can submit their information through our suggest a rescue page.

Otterly Pets products are the highest quality and our prices are very competitive and fair. By purchasing our products, you will be helping not just one animal rescue or cause, but MANY rescues and causes throughout the United States!

Current Rescue Donation List

(list updated as of 12/10/20)

TUSTEP – Tulane University Service Dogs and Education Program
Homeward Bound Animal Rescue
The Animal Medical Center
Veteran Service Dogs Organization
Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue

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