Otterly Pets Dog Toys (BIG SIZE 3-PACK) - Tough Durable Rope Toy Set for Medium to Large Dogs

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  • Three LARGE Rope Toys for SERIOUS Chewers. Built to Endure Aggressive Tug, Toss and Chew Games - Perfect for Dental Health of Your Family's Best Friend 
  • 1 -> 34" Inch Long Rope with 3 Knots, a Solid 1.5" Inch Diameter of Thick Chewing Resistance, with a knot diameter of 3.5" Inches. 2 -> LARGE 4" Inch diameter rope ball. 3 -> A 6" Inch diameter doughnut-shaped rope toy that your dog will absolutely love 
  • Washable 100% Natural Cotton Fibers can help to Prevent Gum disease by Fighting Plaque Build-Up during play 
  • Safe and Durable for all Supervised Play Time 
  • Peace of Mind Provided by Otterly Pets' No-Hassle Service and Support - Unsatisfied for any Reason? Just let us Know and we'll Make it Right.

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