Otterly Pets Harness Instructions

Harness Strap Adjustment

Watch the quick video below for an explanation of how to adjust the straps on your Otterly Pets Harness.


 Using The Back and Chest Harness Hooks Effectively

Your Otterly Pets Harness provides two points to attach your leash - On your Dog's back area, and in the front at their chest area.  This is to provide additional comfort and safety for your dog and to help you more effectively control your Dog's pulling behavior.

The additional control point at your dog's chest gently discourages them from pulling on the leash. When you attach your leash to the front hook, then when your dog pulls, the harness steers them to the side and redirects their attention toward you. This is demonstrated in the following short video:

But with your Otterly Pets Harness, you can do even better. We recommend that you use a split leash that allows you to connect to both connection points. After your dog gets accustomed to being on a leash and they have learned not to pull as much, then you can transition to only using the hook on your dog's back.

The video below explains why it's helpful to use both connection points and eventually transition to only using the back hook:

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Thanks, and have an Otterly Great Day!